Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bring Your Hankies

At our last film, I overheard a woman in the audience telling her friend to be sure to bring a hankie for the showing of Unfinished Song, our next film club selection. So be forewarned.

This film stars Terence Stamp as Arthur, a curmudgeonly old man who leads a dull life and likes it that way. But his wife (Vanessa Redgrave) wants him to join her singing group. Arthur gives in and discovers that music revitalizes his passion for new adventures. The film teaches us that life should be celebrated at an age.

The film will be showing Sunday, November 23 at the Carmike theater in Oceanside. Hope to see you all there.


I don't know about you, but after seeing Terence Davies film, I wanted to know more about Liverpool. His film was beautiful and poetic, but I didn't feel I had a good idea of what Liverpool is really like. So I found this little video on Youtube which shows Liverpool in a slightly different light:



If you get a chance to see this fantastic film written and directed by John Stewart, by all means go. It's a really interesting film about an Iranian journalist who works for Newsweek magazine. He gets caught up in the aftermath of the Iranian elections and winds up in prison - convicted of being a spy. The acting of Gael Garcia Bernal is worth the price of admission.

In Memoriam

I can't think of a film by Mike Nichols that I haven't liked. Of course, The Graduate is probably everyone's favorite and the one he's most remembered for. But let's not forget his other films: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Carnal Knowledge, Silkwood, Working Girl, Catch 22, Heartburn, Postcards from the Edge, and The Birdcage. On Broadway he directed Annie and Spamalot, The Odd Couple and Plaza Suite. He won an emmy for the HBO miniseries Angels in America.

And remember his brilliant comedy act with Elaine May?

We will miss this very talented Renaissance man.

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