Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In Memoriam - Millie Gordon

We've lost one of our favorite film club members. I'm sure you'll all remember Millie Gordon. She was the board member who sat at the table before the films - she either hugged you or gave you a compliment on what you were wearing. You might have been on her phone list and were lucky to receive a cheery phone call from her reminding you of the next film.

Millie lived in Oceanside at the time of her death, but she's actually traveled all over the world. Did you know she was a doctor? She received her credentials at the University of Guadalajara and was very proud to display her diploma on the wall of her apartment. Being a general practitioner made her a very popular resident of a small rural village in Mexico where she delivered babies, set broken legs and save many lives.

Her son, Brendan visited the village about 5 years ago and said people came out in droves to shake his hand and tell him stories about his mother.

One of Millie's friends, Ian Strashoon met her while in Sichuan, China. They became lifelong friends. Millie helped Ian with a book he was writing and he dedicated this poem to her from the book:

Go fast, be safe, keep eyes peeled,
Eyes watch, winds blow, mirages reel,
Tomorrow dawns, as a maybe chance,
Eyes wait, eyes watch, life reels,
Winds blow dust rises, life is a mirage of tomorrow
Dry dusts of Africa settle to wait, pensive,
Tomorrow’s chances, in a crimson sunset,

Millie is survived by a brother and three sons, Morlan, Romel and Brendan. 

Besides being on the board of our film club for several years, Millie also volunteered at the Oceanside Museum of Art.

She loved everyone she met, and believed hugs had to last 10 seconds to be valid.

Millie would have loved the next film we will be showing:

Fanie Fourie's Lobola

This film will be shown Sunday, June 14 at 3:00. It's the story of the complications that ensue when an Afrikaans man and Zulu girl fall in love, especially when the traditional custom of "lobola", or dowry, makes things very complicated for them. Sounds fascinating. 

Hope to see you all there.

I'll attach the photos I took at the memorial.  She is survived by her only brother, her three sons, probably her ex husbands, and one daughter-in-law.  I know she was very close to one grandson, and I think she had a few more grand kids around.

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