Monday, July 6, 2015

The Immigration Paradox

This next film is an absolute must see. For the first time in the NCFC history, the filmmaker will be in attendance. How exciting is that?

Lourdes Lee Vasquez

THE IMMIGRATION PARADOX takes a critical and in depth look at one of the most divisive issues in human global history–immigration. After encountering an immigrant crossing the Arizona desert, Emmy Award Winner and Filmmaker Lourdes Lee Vasquez set out to understand why people would risk their lives to come to the U.S.. Her quest takes a shocking twist when she musters enough courage to cross the line at a protest and has an encounter with a supposed enemy.
From there her journey spanned 7 years searching for answers and solutions to this complex social issue. It takes her and the audience to places never before considered in the immigration debate. THE IMMIGRATION PARADOX is a feature length documentary that exposes the missing information to the immigration issue by interviewing an array of people from various backgrounds, which include economics, sociology, philosophy, history, policy, and activism. This documentary will move you beyond the villain or victim scenario, the heated rhetoric and sensationalism to reveal the bigger picture.

No matter what your viewpoints or beliefs are regarding this deeply emotional issue; the information exposed in THE IMMIGRATION PARADOX will surely leave you shocked.

Ms. Vasquez will be available for a Q and A after the film. The film will be shown July 12 at 3:00, Carmike Theater, Mission and College, Oceanside.

Sunday is going to be a busy day - it's highly recommended that you purchase your new passes at the box office before the 12th.  

There's an app for that

After watching our last film,  Fanie Fourie's Lobola, I decided to research this custom further and found out some really surprising facts.

Did you know that you can order an app that will help you calculate how much your bride is worth?
The app calculates how many bovine a groom's family should pay for a traditional South African dowry. In South Africa the average lobola is 12 cows.

The developer of the app said it provides a guideline for men looking to marry. But it caused a fury when women discovered that the app also asks for a woman's measurements as well as her marital history!

The app is not intended to replace "true cultural protocols" like the ones we saw in the movie.

Here's another interesting fact: According to one report,  Nelson Mandela followed the African tradition of paying a marriage lobola of 60 cows to his wife,  Machel's family.

Hope to see you all next Sunday for The Immigration Paradox.