Friday, May 8, 2015

The Other Son - Sunday, May 17

The Other Son

Come and see what happens when an Israeli and a Palestinian are switched at birth.  That's the theme of the amazing film we will be seeing on May 17. The film brings up the nurture or nature question. Is your genetic makeup more important, or the influence of your environment? This film by French director, Lorraine Levy points out that despite everything else, people are just people. 

The film shows at 3:00 pm, Carmike Theater (formerly Digiplex), Oceanside (Mission at College).

Magic Money from the Riviera

I found this little bit of information while doing some further reading about Magic in the Moonlight. After I saw this Woody Allen film, I was wondering where it was filmed. I was pretty sure that it was the south of France. But the scenes looked too gorgeous to be true. Could it have been special effects that made those scenes so beautiful or was it really filmed on the Cote d'Azur? Well, it turns out that The Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur invested 200,000 euros in the production. They were hoping to showcase the region to filmgoers around the world.  Christine Mirauchaux, vice president of the Regional Council for Culture, said that the region is "extremely proud of the collaboration."

I hope they got their investment back. But even if they didn't, I'm sure that the film produced a lot of would be travelers to the region. Didn't you just want to get on a plane immediately and jet there after seeing the film? I know I did. The scenery was the best part of the movie.

Our Next Season

The board is working diligently on the film selections for next season. Hopefully the films with the most votes will all be available. Thanks to all of you who nominated films and then voted. We'll be announcing the new schedule as soon as it's tied down. Stay tuned.

In Memoriam

It wasn't a movie star that we lost April 30th. But it was someone who certainly contributed to our film history. I'm talking about Ben E. King who gave us the iconic song "Stand by Me". We will miss that wonderful voice, but thankfully through film and recordings we will have it forever. Check out this video - a couple minutes into it you'll see River Phoenix and Wil Wheaton bopping away with Ben. It's too cute. Reminds me how much I miss River Phoenix also.